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2 November
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I'm 22 y/o. I love TV shows and reading. I also love music, can't live without it. I'm in love with Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, I've been in love with'em since I was 11 so I'm not gonna change now. I'm from and I live in Mexico with my parents and brothers. Wanna know more? ASK!

My livejournal is FRIENDS ONLY and I occasionaly post some icons/picspams, those may remain open, the rest is locked. I'm not adding at the moment but if you think we have something in common send me a message. I won't add you back just because you add me OK?


I'm not as active as I used to be in fandom because there's way too much drama there. I'm in love with these shows tough: Misfits, Glee, Smallville, Community, TBBT, Castle, Leverage, Bones, White Collar and Modern Family.

♥ House and Cameron---------[HouseMD]
♥ Booth and Brennan---------[Bones]
♥ Joey and Rachel-----------[Friends]
♥ Sawyer and Kate-----------[Lost]
♥ Mitchell and Annie--------[Being Human]
♥ Nate and Parker-----------[Leverage]
♥ Hardinson and Parker------[Leverage]
♥ Sophie and Nate-----------[Leverage]
♥ Castle and Beckett--------[Castle]
♥ Sheldon and Penny---------[TBBT]
♥ Clark and Lois------------[Smallville]
♥ Jeff and Annie------------[Community]
♥ Nathan and Kelly----------[Misfits]
♥ Simon and Alisha----------[Misfits]
♥ Nathan and Simon----------[Misfits]


* Hugh Laurie
* Jennifer Morrison
* Beth Riesgraf
* Johnny Depp
* Jennifer Aniston
* Tim Hutton
* Jorge Enrique Abello
* Ludwika Paleta
* Tom Welling

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